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English And Other Languages Courses

You are welcome to join our School of English Language.

Our courses help to develop all four skills of the English language reading, writing, speaking and listening with a focus on improving your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

This English Language course is designed for Kenyans & East Africans, Francophone Africans, Arabic Speakers and other interested adults who would like to gain confidence and develop their ability to use English in a variety of situations including traveling to an English Speaking country, for work, business and studies.

Our classes run from Monday to Friday and students study a minimum of 5-10 hours per week with an additional 10 hours per week for those taking intensive classes (4hrs per day).

Our friendly and approachable staff enjoy welcoming students of all levels, from beginner to advanced levels.

What is my English Level?

Most students study for at least 6 months. You are welcome to join us whether you will study with us for 1 week, 1 month or 1 year – we are committed to helping you improve your English Language Skills.

A simple assessment is carried out during placement to assess the student’s level and language requirements

Start dates for English Classes: Every Monday with our classes running throughout the year

 We use interactive and dynamic teaching techniques to deliver motivating lessons which will help you meet your goals


We train:

  • General English
  • Intensive general English
  • Academic English
  • IELTS/TOEFL Preparation Course
  • Individual English Training (private lessons)
  • Combination of General or Academic English plus Individual English Training (private lessons)
  • Public Speaking - Business & Professional English
  • English holiday Classes for children (Ages: 7-17)

Areas of focus for English Language Skills:

  • Confident and fluent reading
  • Practical grammar
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Discussions
  • Writing skills
  • Listening using different audio materials
  • Improved communication skills